Professional Development at SUNY Broome

Week 15. I’ll be honest, there was a moment I was not sure I would get this out this week, as it has been a whirlwind (and it’s only Wednesday). Apologies for the lateness, and I cannot in good conscience say it won’t happen again, lolz. What are we featuring this week? Well, our good friends at SUNY Center for Professional Development (CPD) have their own YouTube channel where many of their offerings are archived. Additionally, Educause just released a treasure trove resource in the form of an inclusive style guide. And finally, I downloaded a report from The Chronicle of Higher Education (free download) that I would love to know your opinion about! Speaking of opinions, might you fill out this short survey regarding how you experienced this digest and provide me with your best recommendation for its future? Thanks in advance!

SUNY CPD is on YouTube!

Are you sometimes intrigued and yet slightly annoyed because SUNY CPD has announced a professional development event that you are interested in but cannot make it due to teaching times and committee meetings? SUNY CPD’s YouTube channel is an archive of nearly everything that is offered and is available when you are. I have noticed it takes a little time to get them uploaded but not long, and I have had to dig through it to find something that is very relevant to me today but maybe wasn’t when it was offered and I have found it easily navigable. A drawback? You can’t ask questions in real time, however you can reach out via email to presenters and, having done this myself, find them receptive and willing to clarify or provide additional resources.

Educause’s Style Guide for Inclusive, Bias-Free, and Equitable Language

EDUCAUSE has developed an official style guide for inclusive, bias-free, and equitable language. Their staff will use this guide in the creation and editing of resources, including those developed by staff and by members of the community. The guide identifies style choices and preferences, and also articulates many of the underlying principles that informed those decisions. Although it does not cover all possible questions, the guide explains recommended usages and offers links that provide opportunities for further exploration.

EDUCAUSE invites their community to review this resource and, using the link in the guide, send them suggestions, questions, resources, and ideas. Language and culture evolve, particularly in the areas of inclusivity and representation, and the intent is for this guide to also evolve over time.

The Community Colleges Students Need Now

This free missive from the Chronicle of Higher Education talks about the community colleges students need now. They seek feedback from a host of folks that are in decision making positions at various community colleges. A weakness? More faculty and student voices could have strengthened some of the already very good points that were made, further complexifying the opportunity through the lens of those that are on the frontlines.

Predicting the Future

Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for (lolz): please fill out this short survey to help guide the next phase of the PD Weekly Digest!

Submitted by: Stephanie Malmberg