By Elisabeth Costanzo Stewart

SUNY Broome’s 8th President, Dr. Tony D. Hawkins, spent the week of July 24th making his way across the campus on his “Meet and Treat” tour. Accompanied by SUNY Broome’s Vice Presidents, and armed with dozens of themed Wegman’s cupcakes, President Hawkins went door to door to introduce himself to the hundreds of faculty and staff that remain on campus during the summer. 

Photo Credit: Ashley Blackwell

The “Meet and Treat” tour was designed to support President Hawkins’ transition to life at SUNY Broome in a fun, social way. Via the tour, Dr. Hawkins was able to confirm where each office or department resides on campus and casually connect with the members of each team. The combination of cupcakes and break from the day-to-day tasks to purely visit proved to be the highlight of the day for all involved. 

Photo Credit: Matt Ebbers

Faculty and staff kindly welcomed Dr. Hawkins into their respective areas and extended warm welcome wishes, sharing suggestions on everything from where to find the best slice of pizza, dish of pasta, spiedie, and more! President Hawkins happily collected a long list of places to go and things to do, while displaying his uncanny ability to remember names and faces after just one encounter. 

Missed the “Meet and Treat” tour? Don’t worry! A campus-wide “Picnic with the President” will take place during Welcome Week on August 31, 2023 for all students, faculty, and staff.

Photo Credit: Ashley Blackwell