For Theresa Hogan, a degree in Business Information Management has paid off in a major way.

How major? She landed a job as a web developer before even finishing her bachelor’s degree through Excelsior. When her family relocated to Pittsburgh, she had countless job interviews and inquiries, ultimately landing a job she loves as a front-end developer for a technology firm.

“People are looking for the ability to code and program,” she said.

Hogan had planned to return to the workforce after her daughter entered school full-time. While she had experience in graphic arts, she didn’t have a college degree and felt she needed to retool for an increasingly digital world. The Business Information Management program — which includes such cutting-edge fields as website and app development, social media management, business analytics and more — seemed like a good fit.

“Little did I know I’d be really good at it,” she said of coding and the other skills she learned in the program. “I was savvy on the computer, but if you told me that when I first got there I would be doing software development, I wouldn’t have believed you.  You’ll never know what you will be able to do until you try.”

She took advantage of internship and job opportunities at SUNY Broome, which allowed her to hone her skills in the field. For her work study, she worked as a peer tutor in the BIM lab, reinforcing all the concepts she learned in class while making money to offset college costs. She also had the opportunity to work as a web assistant in the Office of Marketing and Communications, and speak as a student guest at a SUNY Oneonta conference on instruction and technologies.

Connections led to connections – and a job as web applications developer for Willow Run Foods, which she held for three years. After her family relocated to Pittsburgh, she first landed a job as a web development instructor for the Cambria-Row School of Technology, which then led her to Dynamics, Inc., which designs and manufactures intelligent, battery-powered payment cards.

She’s the only woman in software and engineering, but she has earned the respect of their peers. The company is a fun environment as well, with lounge and hangout areas, a game room and an indoor basketball court, she noted. But the most important part?

“I go to work every day and I’m doing what I love. Right now, I know about 13 computer languages and I’m proficient in about 10,” she said. “I get to create beautiful pictures and UIs (user interfaces) on the Internet.”

Theresa accomplished it all with an Associate’s degree, and said she would recommend the BIM degree to anyone interested in a web-based career.

“Keep your ears open to opportunities that may be available, such as internships,” she advises prospective students. “Make connections with everyone there. SUNY Broome is such a huge school. It’s part of the fabric of Binghamton. Somebody, somewhere, can help you achieve your goals.”

Find out more about the Business Information Management program here, and visit to apply.

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