Two Peer Scholarship Winners 2024 at the Student Awards Reception event Two Peer Scholarship Winners 2024 at the Student Awards Reception event

We are able to provide scholarships to students each year because of the hard work of the Student Philanthropy Council (SPC) members and Presidential Honors Scholarship (PHS) volunteers during the academic year. This year, they raised $1,573.38. Because the fund has been growing each year we were able to award a record five Student Giving Peer to Peer Scholarships!

The five 2024-2025 scholarship recipients were Channarong Campbell, Stephanie Dornblaser, Colby Graef, Matthew Larson, and Caitlin O’Reilly. Each scholarship provided $500 toward tuition, books, or other expenses for these Hornets.

Channarong Campbell holds up a thank you sign

Channarong Campbell

Channarong Campbell, who grew up in Thailand, lost his parents at a young age and worked hard at odd jobs to finish school. Now a SUNY Broome student, he says, “Thank you so much for providing a scholarship to help students. These funds are a great help to allow students to attend class, learn and improve their lives.”

Stephanie Dornblaser at the Student Awards Reception event

Stephanie Dornblaser

Stephanie Dornblaser, a first-year nursing major, plans to choose pediatrics as her specialty after graduation. She notes, “I feel a passion like no other towards nursing, and I’m so honored to be able to touch the lives of others in ways both big and small.” She thanks the donors “for affording me the financial stability necessary for me to focus more of my attention on my schooling.”

Colby Graef holds up a laptop screen that reads thank you

Colby Graef

Colby Graef told his donors, “This scholarship serves as a validation of my hard work and dedication, affirming that my efforts have not gone unnoticed. I am truly grateful for your kindness and support, and I am committed to making the most of this opportunity.”

Matt Larson holds up a thank you sign.

Matt Larson

Matthew Larson, who is pursuing his EMT certification and possibly a future career as a certified anesthesiologist assistant or a physician, wrote to his supporters, “The financial burden of pursuing my education and obtaining essential medical instruments has been a financial challenge for me. This scholarship not only relieves me of this burden but also enables me to access crucial tools that are indispensable in my journey toward studying and becoming a healthcare professional.”

Caitlin O’Reilly, a mom of two, keeps busy tutoring her peers at SUNY Broome and volunteering as a coach for young girls in the community. She says, “Nursing allows me to continue my passion of serving others and showing compassion through the care I provide to my future patients and coworkers. A sincere thank you for choosing me as a 2024 recipient of The SUNY Broome Student Giving Peer Scholarship.”

Volunteers running the Basket Raffle table at Alumni Reunion 2024

Volunteers running the Basket Raffle table at Alumni Reunion 2024

The student volunteers fundraised through bake sales, basket raffles, and fundraisers at local restaurants. “It probably doesn’t seem like a big deal that you came out to a bake sale and picked up goodies for you and your friends or gave a few dollars towards an opportunity to win a raffle-basket. However, the little things really do add up quickly. We have a great caring community that shows up for the efforts of our student volunteers and for the financial needs of students,” said Lisa Schappert, SUNY Broome Foundation Senior Director of Development & Alumni Relations.

Dr. Tony D. Hawkins accepted the proceeds in a ceremonial check during the graduation ceremony on May 23, 2024. The SPC hopes to be able to assist more of their fellow students in 2024-2025, depending on the amount raised in the next academic year.

If you are interested in establishing a scholarship, contact the SUNY Broome Foundation. If you are a student looking for scholarship information, visit the scholarship website.

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