Liilan Boldiis & Nicole Brooks

Nicole Brooks, Academic Advisor, and Liilan Boldiis, Liberal Arts Individual Studies student, review Liilan’s “Degree Works” report in the SUNY Broome Academic Advising Department.

Liilan Boldiis’ story is both typical and unique for the SUNY Broome Academic Advising Department.

When Liilan arrived at SUNY Broome, he had a strong idea about what classes he planned on taking, both in his first semester and in the future. This was not only because of Liilan’s intended career and transfer goals, but also because two of his siblings had been SUNY Broome students in the past. While it is not always common for Academic Advisors to work with students that have their entire path mapped out, Liilan’s story became all too familiar when he decided to follow his dreams and pursue a different route midway through his time at SUNY Broome. Even though he decided to blaze a different trail after his first few semesters, Liilan met with his assigned Academic Advisor to best navigate what his changing academic plans were and how he wanted to accomplish them at the college. “The assistance of the Academic Advisors has been huge for me,” Liilan said when reflecting on his desire to switch his degree program and change the types of courses that he would be taking.

Nicole Brooks, Liilan’s assigned Academic Advisor, lauded Liilan and the other students that she meets with that come in before registration opens. Nicole explained, “Liilan is a great example of those students that identify and understand that having full access to classes can impact his schedule, off campus activities, and future goals.” Liilan responded, “I cannot stress enough how important it is that students get advised as soon as they can to give themselves the best chance at the schedule that they want to have next semester.

SUNY Broome Academic Advising Department Chairperson Kate Taylor concurred with Nicole’s and Liilan’s points by indicating, “An important key to getting the most course options and flexibility is for a student to get advised before registration opens or as close to when registration opens as possible.” Kate added, “We expect classes will fill very quickly when registration opens, so students need to connect with our office right away.” With Spring 2023 registration expected to open on October 31st, Kate explained that the SUNY Broome Academic Advising Department offers in-person, virtual appointments through Zoom, phone, and email advising opportunities for students. Kate emphasized, “We want to do everything we can to help students get the best advising that they can in the way that works best for each student.

As for Liilan, he expects to finish his degree in Spring 2023 and, yes, he’s already met with Nicole about his classes next semester.

Students can schedule an academic advising appointment by stopping by the SUNY Broome Academic Advising Department in Student Services (SS) Building Room 210, calling +1 (607) 778-5421, emailing, or visiting SUNY Broome Academic Advising for more information.

Submitted by: SUNY Broome Academic Advising Department

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