Erin Page

Erin Page

If you’re at a Rumble Ponies game and watching the big screen, you may want to take a moment to thank Erin Page.

The Communications and Media Arts major works as an assistant to the Rumble Ponies’ video production team, which is responsible for the content aired on that screen. She also makes social media posts, comes up with questions for Media Day and other work for the minor league baseball team.

The job is good training for Page’s ultimate goal: “I want to work for a professional sports team,” she explains.

Erin, who is graduating this May, plans to continue her studies at SUNY Cortland. And from there? The big leagues are calling.

She’s a star student at SUNY Broome, and a recipient of the 2018 Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence, along with Monica Hollenbeck and Danika McMurray.

“I’m extremely honored. I didn’t think I would even be nominated,” she said of the award.

In some senses, it’s natural that Erin Page sees a future in athletics: She grew up playing sports, especially softball and volleyball.

But she was still hazy on specifics when she graduated high school, and pondered her options. When she considered photojournalism, her brother encouraged her to broaden her options and consider a larger Communications degree.

“I did research and I realized it was perfect for me. I absolutely love it,” she said.

SUNY Broome was also a natural fit, both for the strength of its Communications and Media Arts program and the opportunity to avoid student debt. Multiple professors have influenced Erin’s path, including Communications and Media Arts Professor Tim Skinner, instructors Chris Keaty and Ed Evans, and History, Philosophy & Social Science Professor Scott Corley.

“It’s been an overall good experience. I learned a lot and I feel like I’ve grown as an individual,” Page said of her time at SUNY Broome.

Communications and Media Arts students tend to be a close-knit bunch and they often stand out at Commencement for their unusual tradition: carrying Captain America shields. Erin plans to carry one herself, she admits with a laugh.

“There’s never a dull moment in the Communications department! They’re a lovely bunch, and good people,” she said.

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