Calice Advanced Manufacturing Center

  • Terrazzo floor installation continues. The SUNY Broome college seal has been inlaid in the upper level of the Connector.  Grinding and polishing of the lower level is ongoing.
  • The elevator has passed inspection. The elevator can now be used for vertical travel (mainly for moving equipment and furniture) prior to the opening of the Calice Center.
  • Exterior furnishings have been delivered and are on site (picnic tables, benches, metal tables/chairs). Assembly and installation to follow.
  • Installation of clean room panels continues.
  • Paver installation continues with the northwest side of the building nearing completion.

Carnegie Culinary Arts Center

  • Selective demolition and electrical “rough-ins” continue.

Other on-campus construction activities

  • Exterior painting of Titchener Hall is ongoing.
  • Business Labs 129, 132 and 133 are being refurbished, including new carpet installation.
  • The eastern Titchener Hall entrance remains under construction.
  • Work continues in the four BC Center classrooms.
As always, if anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact David Ligeikis at (607) 765-9710.
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