paople in Nontraditional Career Paths

One of the biggest challenges of going to college doesn’t happen when you make the decision to attend, but comes after when you may wonder:  What am I going to study?  What am I going to eventually do? And will I be successful in my future career?

Pursuing a nontraditional by gender program can be the answer to all those questions!

A Nontraditional by Gender (NTG) career is one which has not generally had as many men or women in a particular field. For example, women entering a STEM career as an engineer, or working in Criminal Justice – Police, or men entering Accounting, Paralegal, or working in Nursing and other health science careers all fall under the NTG category. Think of the female math geniuses in the movie, Hidden Figures, or Detective Olivia Benson on Law & Order: SVU, or males working on the frontlines as nurses or schoolteachers.

There are exceptional benefits about working in a NTG career:  an increase in opportunities and potential growth, earning more money, and being part of progressive change. And the best part is you will not be alone. Support is available for students on every step of their journey towards a NTG career, in school and beyond. You can learn from the NTG leaders who have come before you, support staff, and other NTG students enrolled in these programs for continued guidance, training, inspiration, and connecting you to the resources needed to succeed.

The Perkins Team at SUNY Broome includes Enrollment, Academic and Career Coaches, as well as a Technical Assistant to support you throughout your journey towards a valuable NTG career destination.

When looking at all the choices before you, selecting a major and thinking about what you really want to do, consider a NTG pathway to uncover all the exciting benefits of a rewarding & successful career.

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Non-Traditional By Gender Flier (pdf)

Submitted by: Shellie Robinson