Professional Development at SUNY Broome

Professional Development at SUNY Broome is re-tooling and adapting to remote support for faculty and staff who may need additional assistance in this time of transition.

While we are not offering specific hands-on support (our good friends in the Teaching Resource Center are handling that for you), we are offering food for thought, online support and resources for faculty and staff who are in the process of adapting to remote work plans while simultaneously navigating the impact of a public health crisis, and hopefully, a little bit of levity in trying times.

Professional Development is excited to announce our blog, Pandemic Dispatches (PD…see what we did there?), to provide you with information and support that is not specific to your job function and role, but specific to your value as a person and an employee of SUNY Broome. We hope that you follow us; we will be posting information weekly. Have something you would like to share? Email and we will get it added to the queue.