The Office of Marketing and Communications is currently in the process of transitioning the online campus directory over to a more sustainable web platform located at:

All information has been copied over and the new directory is live in the top navigation bar of the SUNY Broome website.

Screen shot of top of SUNY Broome website with directory circled in red

If you notice any errors on your new employee or department/office page, please continue to send any edits to Rhoda Neal at and we will coordinate to promptly make the appropriate changes.

Please also double check to make sure employees are associated with the correct department. There was a significant error in the old system that caused some employees to randomly become disassociated with their department(s) when a former department that is no longer in existence was deleted. Employee/department associations have been copied over as-is into the new directory, and can be quickly and easily modified if needed.

Moving to a new platform will mean that all directory URLs (web addresses) will change. MarCom will update all links to the directory throughout the website to point to the new correct addresses, but if you have URLs to the directory published in any of your individual/department materials, those will need to be updated. Please visit the new directory at to find your new employee/department/office URL.

The old campus directory is located at and the new campus directory is located at

MarCom will leave the old directory live until August 11, 2021, with a notice on top linking to the new directory. After that date, MarCom will take down the old directory, and only the new one will be live.

To request updates to employee/department/office information in the online campus directory, please email Rhoda Neal at

For questions/concerns about the online campus directory transition, please email Ciara Cable at