By Elisabeth Costanzo Stewart

SUNY Broome’s newest College Express Partnership brings mass acceptance to the next level. For the first time in the history of both the College and Binghamton High School, the entire graduating class was officially accepted to SUNY Broome. On February 9, 2023, over a dozen of the College’s employees traveled to Binghamton High School to invite nearly 350 seniors to continue their education at SUNY Broome and to share in the celebration of this incredible opportunity. 

SUNY Broome’s President, Dr. Kevin Drumm, celebrated this historic partnership between SUNY Broome and Binghamton High School.
Photo Credit: Matt Ebbers

President of SUNY Broome, Dr. Kevin Drumm, and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Penny Kelly, addressed the senior class and shared their personal experiences as community college graduates. “Our primary role as “The Community’s College” is to progressively and creatively educate the members of our region. You never know where the opportunity of being a student at SUNY Broome will take you. When I was a student at my local community college, I would have laughed if you told me that one day I would be a president of one. I was blessed with so many things throughout my life, but I will always appreciate the blessing of my community college education,” shared Dr. Drumm. 

After the welcome from Dr. Drumm and Dr. Kelly, members of the campus community presented mini-information sessions on accessing academic coaching, applying to the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), participating in collegiate athletics, and the benefits of engaging in student activities. Special presenters included:

  • Colleen Cashman – Director of Athletics
  • William Mason – Student Success Coach  
  • Brittney Richardson – Staff Associate in Fast Forward/Early College and Orientation 
  • Venessa L. Rodriguez – Director of EOP
  • Anya Samiljan – Staff Assistant in Admissions
  • Dr. Nick Wagner – Director of Student Activities 

As part of their customized College Express Partnership, Binghamton High School Principal, Kevin Richman, asked that the families of the seniors be included in each step of the process. In a letter shared with Binghamton High School parents and guardians, SUNY Broome offered their support to personally help BHS students and their families navigate the enrollment process as seamlessly as possible. Throughout the following months, SUNY Broome will provide in-depth college readiness information on topics such as career exploration, academic advising, paying for college, learning assistance, and student engagement. 

Taylor Eddings and Breanna Costick celebrated their acceptance to SUNY Broome together! Photo Credit: Matt Ebbers

While students participating in College Express Partnerships are not obligated to attend SUNY Broome, they are encouraged to keep SUNY Broome as an open option. For student Taylor Eddings, studying at SUNY Broome next fall has been part of her plan for months. Friend, Breanna Costick, has her eyes set on attending Binghamton University, but is comforted in knowing that there is a seat saved for her at SUNY Broome, Binghamton University’s top feeder institution. 

“I am still processing all of the information that I learned today, but each presentation got me more and more excited about going to SUNY Broome in a few months,” said Eddings. 

This year, SUNY Broome hosted College Express Partnership events with Windsor Central High School, Deposit High School, and Binghamton High School and is in the process of expanding to other school districts within the region. 


Binghamton College Express 2023

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