Stephie Safari

Stephie Safari

Stephie Safari isn’t afraid to test herself.

A recipient of the prestigious Presidential Honors Scholarship, the Liberal Arts and Sciences major plans to transfer to Binghamton University’s nursing program and spend her future career helping those in need.

When the Johnson City resident decided to attend SUNY Broome, she made another important decision, too: to enroll in the academically challenging Honors Program.

“I was very interested in the opportunity to challenge myself,” the sophomore said. “It is definitely a challenging course load, and also an opportunity to stay on track.”

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She has taken two biology courses and a calculus course so far in the Honors program, and found that the small class sizes create a “tightly knit environment” where students can connect with both the professor and each other.

“It’s a great way to make friends and to have people keep you focused; we form study groups,” she said. Stephie Safari

Honors students are required to take on a capstone project in their final semester, which allows them to pursue their academic interests. Stephie is still finalizing her prospective project, but she plans to look at different diseases that affect children, along with suggested treatments and complications. During the course of the project, students partner with a chosen professor – an experience that Safari said she anticipates.

“It’s an opportunity to work closely with a faculty member and learn from their expertise,” she said.

Medicine is a definite career interest for Stephie Safari, who currently works on the surgical and pediatric floor at UHS Wilson Medical Center as a nursing assistant.

Honors students present on the need for a centralized student lounge in December 2017.

Honors students present on the need for a centralized student lounge in December 2017.

“I’ve always loved patient-centered care. My mom is a nursing assistant at Lourdes and she tells me great stories,” she reflected. “I really love the idea of being on a team. I think that’s what distinguishes nursing from physicians in medicine.”

She is interested both in pediatric and emergency medicine, and plans to eventually become a nurse practitioner. Long term, Stephie – an active member of Brothers and Sisters in Christ (BASIC) on campus and Christ Church in the community — hopes to combine her medical expertise with her faith through missionary work in underdeveloped nations.

Stephie’s decision to attend SUNY Broome was inspired by her older sister Stella, a recent alumna who also earned the PHS scholarship. Like her sister, she has truly enjoyed her experience.

“I heard so many stories about the support of the faculty members she met and the tight-knit environment offered at Broome,” she said. “I really like how small the campus is.” The 2017 Presidential Honors Scholars and SUNY Broome President Kevin Drumm

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