Lockheed Martin in Owego is Hiring: EET Students in High Demand

Catherine Lanchki (Lockheed Martin Electronics Engineering Manager) and Michael DiGiacomo (Lockheed Martin Test Engineer and 2019 EET Alumni) visited SUNY Broome to talk to Electrical Engineering Technology students about job opportunities at Lockheed Martin in New York. The team discussed exciting growth in the technician field, bringing opportunities at their Owego facility.

Lockheed Martin annually hires students from the EET program since establishing a relationship with SUNY Broome in 2018. Students are hired to work as summer interns, and are offered part-time work during the semester. Upon completion of their EET A.S. Degree, students will have the opportunity to start a full-time technician job with the company.

This exceptional opportunity allows EET students to gain valuable work experience in the industry; something the program makes a point of emphasizing. EET Assistant Professor Gary DiGiacomo stated, “This opportunity is invaluable for students to get some great job experience, and to learn more about the exciting work they could be doing upon graduation. When students get real-world application of the skills they’re learning in class, it enhances their understanding tenfold. Lockheed Martin is one of the many great local industry partners that hire directly from the program.

Once hired, Lockheed Martin offers many benefits, including tuition assistance to cover the costs for students who are interested in continuing their education. Look for representatives from Lockheed Martin at the STEM Expo on December 1, 2023.

Submitted by: STEM Division