Pride Month 2023: Be yourself & be proud.

Every year in June the LGBTQIA+ community celebrates and remembers the Stonewall Uprisings that took place in Greenwich Village, Manhattan in 1969. That first protest against hatred and violence demonstrated the power of uniting together for change.

The official theme for 2023 NYC Pride is “Strength in Solidarity”, a fitting theme for a year in which we have seen an increase in attacks of physical violence and legislative efforts. At SUNY Broome, we stand together, allies and the community, to celebrate Pride Month and to work toward a more equitable and inclusive future.

Please join us in celebrating Pride Month by tagging your posts on Instagram and Twitter with #PrideMonthAtSUNYBroome, telling us what Pride means to you. Your post may be featured on our SUNY Broome Pride Month page.

Submitted by: PTODI

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