Vote America; Every Vote Counts!

Check out these resources for voting day!

How to Vote: This Democracy Works resource provides a state-by-state summary of voter registration and voting rules for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Know whats on the ballot before you get to the polls. Visit "Get to the polls" to see whats on the ballot and plan your vote.

Get to the Polls: GTTP is a voter lookup tool that helps voters identify where to vote or return their ballot, what’s on their ballot, and how to contact their state and local election officials by simply entering their address. 

Election Protection: Text or call 1-866-OUR-VOTE or tweet @866OURVOTE if you experience issues while voting. 

Pizza to the Polls: Long waits at your polling place? Submit a photo and get free pizza delivered to the polling place for you and your line buddies! 

Rides to the Polls: You can get 50% off rides to and from the polls if you use the polling location finder within the Uber app. You can also set up an Uber account for your organization to help defray costs even further! 

CDC Guidelines for Safe Voting: Check out these tips on how to stay healthy when voting in person.