Fire Engine with all truck Compartments opened

Fire drills will soon be happening.  There are a few things to remember:

1)      Please exit the building as soon as the alarm sounds.  DO NOT attempt to finish the class.

2)      Please close your room door.

3)      Please exit the building and have your students move away from the building.

4)      An officer will need to walk through the building to make sure that all of the doors, audible/visual alarms, and any other related items have operated correctly and make sure everyone has exited the building.

5)      The sooner the building is cleared, the sooner everyone gets back inside.

6)      DO NOT go back into the building until you have been told to do so.

We are also required to take a head count and make sure everyone has exited the building.  So, if you ask a question, you’ll know why we don’t answer (we’re counting!)

If you have any questions regarding procedures, please consult the Emergency Response Guide.

Remember, we are REQUIRED by New York State Law to perform fire drills throughout the year.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated in accomplishing this.

Submitted by: Public Safety