With the recent uptick of confirmed cases in Broome County, it’s extremely important that crucial information is channeled to the correct locations. 

If you are displaying symptoms, have been exposed to, or have tested positive for COVID-19, please:

  1. Do not come to campus for any reason.
  2. Report this information (symptoms, exposure, positive test) on the CampusClear screening app.
  3. Inform all of your instructors as soon as possible.

This information is reported to the state daily. The Office of Public Safety uses all available information to work with the Broome County Health Department and other resources to keep the campus and our community safe. It is imperative that all data is passed along through the proper channels. 

As a reminder, if you are coming to campus for any reason (class, lab, student support service, etc), use of the CampusClear app is critical.