Apply now! SUNY Broome Scholarships


I would like to ask for your assistance in promoting SUNY Broome scholarships to our students. With the pandemic knocking out some of our normal communication methods, scholarship applications are quite low at this time and some scholarships have no applicants. Yet, we do know of our students financial need during this difficult time. We cannot let vital funds stagnate and scholarships go unawarded because students did not know to apply for them. While we work on our part to raise awareness, please help us by encouraging students to apply.

Please help us remind them that while there are hundreds of scholarships available, there is only one online application and the BCC Foundation will happily answer any of their questions. Consider saying something or including it in an email or inviting a Foundation representative to your class to do a brief presentation on the topic. Your voice and recommendation will be more effective than endless impersonal reminders on social media or in the Buzz.

You or your students can reach out to BCC Foundation at or +1 (607) 778-5182 with any questions.

Detailed Scholarship Information is available on the SUNY Broome Scholarships website along with the Scholarship Application.

Thank you for your consideration and for everything you do to support our students and to give them a great education and experience at SUNY Broome.

Catherine Abashian Williams
Executive Director
Broome Community College Foundation, Inc

Submitted by: BCC Foundation