Beginning Guitar: MUS185-Y01 (catalog number 54393)

  • Engage with course materials at the time of day (or night!) that is best for you.
  • Learn from your choice of location, without winter commutes

If you need to take a course, you might as well have fun with it!

Combining 36 years of private instruction with the academic standards of the SUNY system, MUS185-Y01 is now in its 6th year of being offered. It bears the distinction of being the first online musical instrument course across the entire SUNY system.

Guitarists from across the state- and of various playing levels- have used my course as a way to begin guitar, revisit fundamentals, improve their OWN teaching, or as a way to become comfortable with remote learning.

Over the semester, our journey will use examples from a variety of musical styles to cover the foundations all guitarists should be comfortable with- chords, rhythm, scales, popular progressions, pick technique, and fingerstyle technique. On top of that, the
course is designed to help EVERYONE become more comfortable with the online learning environment.

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Submitted by: Robert Becker

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