HST 105 Global Health in Ireland
Professor Maureen Hankin
Dr. Christina Hasemann

The 2024 Class of HST 105 Global Health in Ireland. View of the countryside of Ireland.

The 2024 Class of HST 105 Global Health in Ireland had an extraordinary experience completing their service-learning projects working with the residents of Donegal, Ireland, as well as numerous Ukrainian refugees. Donegal is the most northerly county in the Republic and is home to the largest Irish speaking area in Ireland. Students had numerous excursions that immersed them in the history, culture, traditions, and social issues of Ireland.

There is no better way to learn than field-based experiential learning! Service-learning can be defined as the formal integration of community service into student instruction and learning. The goal is to connect students with Irish communities, allowing for a reciprocal transformation of perspectives about self, healing and becoming a global citizen.

The Health Sciences students worked in community centers and nursing homes throughout the area of Gweedore, Ireland. The nursing students provided education and screenings on hypertension and diabetes as well as CPR instruction. The dental hygiene students provided oral cancer screenings, oral health education, saliva pH testing, and denture maintenance instructions. The individuals served were of all ages and were delighted to interact with our SUNY Broome students.
In addition to the service-learning activities, the students sampled Irish culture by visiting a castle and receiving lectures on the Irish language and history. They received presentations from a local herbalist, community health nurses, and social workers (Social Prescribers). They even became proficient in Irish dancing. The students ended their trip with an overnight stay in Galway Ireland.

As one Health Studies student stated, “We went to Ireland to give, yet all we did was receive love, light, knowledge, acceptance, and kindness.”

The 2024 Class of HST 105 Global Health in Ireland

Global Health in Ireland 2024

The Class of 2024 looks forward to returning to Ireland someday to visit new friends and acquaintances made in Donegal during their recent excursion.

The 2024 Class of HST 105 Global Health in Ireland

Submitted by: Maureen Hankin, Chairperson of Dental Hygiene