Fitness gear

Get Moving at BROOME! Check out a PED course! Exercise is a great stress reliever and helps boost overall wellness.

Love to spend time outdoors and participate in a growing recreational activity? Try Backpacking (CV)

Want to improve your fitness? Try Solutions in Fitness and Wellness (CV)

Love to Dance and move? Try Dance Pilates or Aerobics (CV)

Want to try the most popular form of exercise in the USA, participate in something that started 4 million year BC (or thereabouts)? Try Fitness Walking (CV)

Have you been working out but need a refresher or want to learn what to do in a weight room? Try weight training (CV)?

Do you want to learn the tips and tricks to stay healthy? Try Exploring healthy lifestyles.

With so many great options there is sure to be a class you will enjoy!

Contact Heather Hoffman with any questions,

Photos by Marley Laskaris.

Photo by Marley Laskaris - Hiking
Photo by Marley Laskaris - Campsite
Photo by Marley Laskaris - Storm Approaching Scene
Photo by Marley Laskaris - Sunset
Photo by Marley Laskaris - Camp tent
Photo by Marley Laskaris - Creek Bridge

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