Gertrude Hawk Chocolates Fundraising Spring 2023

The B.C. Center is holding its annual Gertrude Hawk Easter Fundraiser!

If you would like to place a chocolate order please go to and select “I AM A BUYER-SHOP NOW.” From there you will select “FIND A FUNDRAISER.” When you are asked to choose an organization, type in Broome Community College BC Center, then select “NEXT.” When you are asked to choose a seller, type in Pam Holland.

To avoid shipping costs, select “ship for free with the group.” If you would like it shipped directly to your home, you can elect to pay for shipping.

If you prefer that we send a Gertrude Hawk catalog and order form to your department, we would be happy to oblige – just email Pam Holland at and let her know.

As always, thank you for supporting our program!

Submitted by: The B.C. Center