Dean of Students Scott Schuhert is your free donut connection! Look for Donuts with the Dean on campus this fall.
Dean of Students Scott Schuhert is your free donut connection! Look for Donuts with the Dean on campus this fall.

Hello Hornets,

As we are getting toward the end of summer, I know many current and future Hornets are trying to enjoy the sunshine, their families, friends, and (perhaps most enjoyable) the occasional day where you get to sleep in later.

While I am sure that you are all enjoying this summer, I do want to make sure that you are getting ready for this upcoming fall semester.  Think about the opportunity that is in front of you.  For some, you may be familiar with what is to come because have family members who have gone to college.  For others, you may be the first to even think about college.  Either way, we are here to support, guide and mentor you through the challenges ahead.

Now, I understand that coming to college includes you having to complete A LOT of paperwork, like completing your application, submitting financial aid paperwork and registering for your fall classes.  I totally get that this may seem tedious, but here is an inside scoop: It really is not. We have people on campus every day who will help you do it so that you are not stressed out. 

And just because there are things to do, this does not mean that SUNY Broome is stuffy and boring. In fact, we are the opposite. We are a lively campus with hundreds of activities for you to participate in each year. I encourage everyone to be involved on campus. With more than 60 different campus organizations, random events like pick-up basketball and slacklining to chess and video game tournaments, and 12 athletic teams open to anyone wanting to try out, you are sure to find fellow students with whom you will create life-long bonds.

Lastly, and most importantly, I want you all to remember that you are welcome here. We are a college that embraces the differences between each of us, and I challenge you to start to appreciate those differences when you are here. It is my hope that each of you come to SUNY Broome excited and energized. Your future is in YOUR hands. We will help you, but you are the author of your own story. I expect you to leave SUNY Broome with much more than a degree. I expect you all to leave as enriched, more respectful, and civil students of life.

Remember: if you need anything, do not hesitate to ask for help.  Your success is why we are all here.

I cannot wait to see you all in a few weeks!  Be on the lookout for Donuts with the Dean (yes…free donuts) and all the other amazing things you will have the opportunity to experience.


Dr. Scott

Associate Vice President and Dean of Students