Nakeesta Langton
Nakeesta Langton

Nakeesta Langton knew early on that she wanted to transfer to SUNY Cortland and fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher. That’s why she connected with Greg Diller, Cortland’s transfer mobility advisor, during her very first semester in the Early Childhood Education program at SUNY Broome.

“During my fourth week at school, I was already talking with Greg about what I could do to maximize my classes here. He provided so much insight,” said Nakeesta, who is graduating from SUNY Broome this May. “I’m hoping to have half of my concentration done before I get there.”

Now in its second year, the Path to Cortland program helps students plan their futures. Students – who don’t have to be committed to SUNY Cortland, or near graduation – can schedule an appointment with Diller, the visiting expert on topics ranging from course recommendations to financial aid, student life and support services.

It’s best to make your appointment early in the semester to get the transfer program’s full impact. While March 1 is the priority deadline for the Fall 2019 semester, SUNY Cortland will still accept applications after that date – but students shouldn’t delay, Diller advised.

Meeting during your final year at SUNY Broome can prove helpful, but Diller recommends meeting during your first or second semester here – much like Nakeesta.

“Some programs at Cortland are large and the more we can take advantage of the great options that Broome has for Cortland, the better the transfer experience can be. It is never too early to meet and it may save you an entire semester down the road,” he said.

Diller is on campus weekly on alternating Mondays and Tuesdays, although he’s willing to add dates and availability in accordance with student demand. You can make an appointment at or email him at for more information.

All appointments will be at SUNY Broome in the Academic Advising Department located in SS-210. Diller will ask you to fill out a form before your appointment takes place, so he can more adequately address your needs. Make sure to bring a copy of your DegreeWorks so he can see your courses.

And don’t worry: You won’t be pressured to leave the hive early! Your experience at SUNY Broome will complement and enhance your eventual transfer. Just ask Nakeesta (and stay tuned for a future profile story on her experience at SUNY Broome).

“While I am excited and can’t wait to be a part of the Cortland Red Dragon family, I am glad that I decided to stay at SUNY Broome and complete the Associate’s degree,” she said.  “I feel at home here and will truly miss the close Broome community and the ECE family next fall.”