The Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence are system-wide recognition and acknowledgement for consistently superior professional achievement presented annually to faculty and staff in six categories: Faculty Service, Librarianship, Professional Service, Scholarship and Creative Activities, Teaching and Classified Service. SUNY Broome is honored and pleased to congratulate the accomplishment and personal dedication of this year’s award winners.

SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Adjunct Teaching Carole Stanley, Dental Hygiene Department

Carole Stanley, Chancellor’s Award Winner

“The nomination for this award was very special to me. It is such a prestigious award that it was quite humbling to me to think I had achieved what it takes even to be nominated,” said Carole. “I absolutely LOVE my job as a full-time adjunct instructor in the Dental Hygiene department.”

About Carole: 

Carole first came to SUNY Broome as a Dental Hygiene student in 1975. In 1984 she returned as a part-time clinical dental hygiene instructor. Since then, Carole has taught continuously at SUNY Broome, including instructing for Angelo Zuccolo in the Theater Department. In 2001 Carole became a full-time adjunct in the dental hygiene department. 

“I am truly so fortunate in being able to instruct new freshmen, dental hygiene students, how to use an instrument in semester one. From there, we continue teaching chair side until I coordinate their fourth semester and help them prepare and pass their licensing board exams,” she says. “I get goosebumps, just like a proud parent, every time I think of how far they come in four short semesters!”

When she is not teaching dental hygiene, Carole works as part of the SUNY Broome Health Studies academic advising team. There she helps students find their passion as they embark on their college career. 

“I would not be able to have this opportunity or achieve what is necessary for the Chancellor’s award, without all of my colleagues in the Dental Hygiene Department and Maureen Hankin for supporting me as I have grown in my educator role,” Carole says. “Thank you so much to the college community for your letters of support; they are truly appreciated!”

Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” (Anonymous)

SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching Meghan McGuinness, Dental Hygiene Department

Meghan McGuinness

“To have been nominated for such recognition is truly an honor. The award signifies that recipients are role models within the SUNY System. I feel strongly that it is important that, as faculty members, we collaborate with one another to deliver our students an exceptional public education while, at the same time, serving our campus and community. Behind this award are years of mentorship offered by administrators who believed in me, years of collaboration from faculty and staff who chose to partner with me and hundreds of students that chose to work hard every day. I am honored and humbled to receive the Chancellor’s Award for Teaching. ” 

About Meghan:

Meghan is a SUNY Broome alumna and proud member of the 1997 dental hygiene graduating class. She has earned both bachelor’s degree and master’s degrees from Binghamton University; and a Doctorate of Education from Walden University. In 2000, she joined the dental hygiene faculty as a clinical instructor and, in 2005, became a full-time tenure track instructor. She also serves as chair of the College Council, Chair of the Shared Governance Task Force, and co-chair of the Strategic Planning Committee. 

For the past three semesters, Meghan has served the college as a professional development facilitator.  “In this capacity, I have been able to work with amazing colleagues in reimagining our professional development offerings and processes to better serve the needs of the faculty and staff at SUNY Broome,” she explains. “Last fall, I was successful in recruiting a highly regarded administrator from Binghamton University to provide a seminar on leadership. This seminar allowed us to better understand how to best support the professional development of our colleagues and offer ways in which we can exceed performance expectations.”

“I am so grateful to work with amazing colleagues and students. Thank you to everyone who wrote letters of support for my nomination and everyone who has sent congratulatory emails.”

SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Professional Service, Laura Hodel, Financial Aid

Director of Financial, Aid Laura Hodel

“I have always viewed the Chancellor’s Award as prestigious. I have the utmost respect for those that have been awarded in the past. I put my all into everything I do at SUNY Broome”, says Laura Hodel, recipient of the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service. “The Chancellor’s Award process was an opportunity to present what I do every day for our students and campus community. To have my colleagues and SUNY view my work and believe it to meet the benchmark for “professional excellence” is truly an honor.”

About Laura:

Laura started work at SUNY Broome in October 2006 as a Staff Assistant in the Office of Financial Aid, and in 2010 was promoted to Assistant Director then; in 2015, she became Director. “Every day brings something new. No student situation is ever the same, and I am never bored or at a loss for something to do,” she explains. “I love working with our students, faculty, and staff. “As the Director of Financial Aid, I get to do a little bit of everything,” she says. “On one day I could be presenting to potential students about the financial aid process or helping current students map out a path on how to fund their educational journey to graduation, or even helping them find ways to return to school after an absence. Every day brings something new.” 

Laura is also an avid runner and has completed ten marathons! “Running allows me to collect my thoughts and plan things out for the next day/week/month/or year! I was planning on running an ultra 50K this October, but it has been postponed due to COVID-19.” Laura says. 

“I work with an incredible network of people. I would never have been able to accomplish half of what I have over the past several years without their guidance, leadership, and perseverance. I look forward to seeing what comes next.”

SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence Excellence in Teaching, Phyllis O’Donnell, Biology Department

Phyllis at the Southern Tier Scholastic Science Fair at SUNY Broome (photo by Bill Hollister)

“While I believe it is true for every SUNY Broome educator, it is a privilege and a pleasure to work in the service of our students. To guide them to discovery, to encourage reflection, and a passion for lifelong learning. Each semester I look forward to the process of teaching and, in turn, learning from my students.”

As a recent recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, Phyllis is a role model for the entire SUNY community. She says, “The students are the real focus, we work to engage and enthuse students on pathways to exciting future careers.” 

“I strive to provide a friendly learning environment where students can better sharpen critical thinking skills and allow all to realize that their academic and occupational dreams can become a reality by encouraging a growth mindset,” she says. “You can learn anything given enough effort.”

About Phyllis:

Phyllis says she’s a “SUNY girl,” Earning degrees from SUNY Stony Brook University, SUNY Upstate Medical University, and SUNY Binghamton University. “Now, I am a very proud member of the SUNY Broome family.” She is ASCP Board Certified as a Medical Technologist. She has worked in hospital laboratories and pharmaceutical company labs and post-doctoral positions conducting scientific research before deciding to switch gears to focus on teaching. 

A member of the SUNY Broome family, Phyllis, has worked in the Biology Department beginning as an adjunct instructor in 2011. She currently teaches several Biology sections and is an active member of many campus committees and collaborative events. 

“Along with several amazing and dedicated committee members, I am involved in the Southern Tier Scholastic Science Fair (STSSF), the Ethics Conference, OER committee, NY State STEM Education Collaborative, and our annual Summer STEAM Academy. I also participate in the Go Green Institute at SUNY Binghamton University,” notes Phyllis.

Students in BIO 150 General Microbiology
Students in BIO 150 General Microbiology

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