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Tutor Testimonials

I am just reaching out to you to make sure you’re aware that your tutor is amazing! She was very helpful and I now feel confident with the material reviewed. She also stayed an extra 12 minutes over her time which is something rare these days.

Attending SUNY Broome Community College as a nontraditional student majoring in Financial Accounting, brought many challenges. I was apprehensive about coming to college and earning my degree. I had many concerns and often questioned myself. After I began my classes in the Fall 2019, I was informed about SUNY Broome’s Tutoring program. I began regularly visiting the tutoring lab and quickly realized what an outstanding program it was. It has benefited me greatly, helping improve my academic performance as well my self-esteem.

The first math class I took at SUNY Broome was Algebra and Trigonometry. It was a while before that since I did any math at all. It also happened to be an online class (which I can’t stand). It’s safe to say I was struggling as soon as the class started.

I decided to try going to the Math Lab for some extra help. The first thing I noticed was that I no longer felt the pressure of a regular class. Nobody was there to give me a grade. The tutors only wanted to see me have that “aha!” moment when something finally clicks. They quickly showed me that learning math doesn’t have to be painful. I started to realize this class that was annoying me has some exciting ideas and concepts. Before I went to the Math Lab, I was dreading every moment of that class. After I had some one-on-one help, the class was over before I knew it.

Submitted by: Loreta