Karlie Igo

Karlie Igo didn’t have a clear focus when she first came to SUNY Broome in 2009, directly after high school graduation. Unsure of her path, she ended up dropping out – only to return in 2013, determined to achieve her associate’s degree. 

She graduated in 2018 and is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree through SUNY Empire State College, part of SUNY Broome’s Bachelor Partnership Center. 

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An online path makes sense for Karlie, a Southern Tier native who needs to stay local for both family and employment.  

“A commute to SUNY Cortland wouldn’t work for me. I like to work full-time and go to school full-time,” said Karlie, who is majoring in Human Development through SUNY Empire. “Online courses benefit me because I can work from home and I learn better on my own.” 

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During her time at SUNY Broome, she majored in Individual Studies, with an interest in early childhood education. She found that she really enjoys interacting with young children, and currently works at a daycare and summer camp. 

Her long-term goals have shifted somewhat. While she initially dreamed of becoming a teacher, now she is considering a future career as a school counselor. 

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She’s currently at the start of her SUNY Empire experience, but is looking forward to meeting her goals. She appreciates the flexibility of her bachelor’s path – “I have more freedom in what classes I choose; I can build my own degree,” she explained – as well as how easy it was to transfer from SUNY Broome. 

“All the credits that transferred helped a lot. It makes me feel that the work I did here shows, she reflected. 

If you are returning to school after some time away, Karlie encourages you to believe in yourself. You really can achieve your dream of a college education – and may find that you’re capable of more than you previously believed. 

“I just turned 28. I was about 27 when I got my associate’s,” she said. “It pays off. Don’t get discouraged and keep going. Keep working for what you really want to do.” 

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