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Introducing the “New Now Toolkit”

To fully support our clients during these uncertain times, we are launching the New Now Toolkit. The ToolKit is a weekly email sent out every Monday that will feature the most recent versions of our COVID-19 support resources. From our Financial Recovery checklist, to Social Distancing guidance, to our Resource Guide that covers various topics from safety to entertainment at home, eni is providing you with concise, reliable information that you can share with your employees and loved ones

Our resource packets are provided by our Virtual Concierge Service, are available upon request, and can be found on our website via a shared link in the event of an outbreak. Click to learn more about our Virtual Concierge Service.


Coronavirus Resource Packet

Our Virtual Concierge service features dedicated Personal Assistants available to provide research, referrals, or information on just about any topic – including detailed, easily accessible, disease information resources. These resource packets are a comprehensive compilation of information to help you understand the risks, how to protect yourself from infection, preventing the spread of disease, and a variety of other tips and statistics.  Download Coronavirus Resource Packet

Finance: calculator and dollars

Financial Recovery Checklist

Resources and tools to help you manage your money as effectively as possible during the pandemic, as well as how to work with creditors until you are back on your feet. Download Financial Recovery Checklist

Candles and flowers

Self-Care While Social Distancing

It may be easy to abandon the practices you put in place to help you reground and recharge, but during high stress and anxiety times like these, those practices are important to your physical and mental health. Read more on this topic

What You Can DO and How Can ENI Help

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