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And for holiday time, “Yours Truly Jack Frost” will return 

This semester is a first for SUNY Broome Theater as there will be no major theater production for the first time in many years. But the COVID pandemic gave us an opportunity to do virtual productions. The Department of Music and Theater Arts would like to invite you to experience these productions perhaps again, or for the first time.

Spring 2021:  Shakespeare Bits & Pieces: The Words of the Bard of Avon was an original production which received many accolades. Audience members said they loved how this show made Shakespeare so accessible or recognized how many of his words we use in our everyday lives. The show is an introduction to those who know little of his work, and a celebration to those who know more about him, still, to this day, the most produced playwright in the world. The show features theater alumna as well as a “piece” by Ed Evans and a cameo by Katherine Bacon.  It is right now on the college’s YouTube page at the link below.

Fall of 2020:  The Children’s Holiday Play Yours Truly, Jack Frost was offered to children in our region and appreciated by a wide range of all ages. Pioneer Drama has granted permission to air the show again on the college’s YouTube page from Sunday, December 19 until Monday, January 3. The 30 minute play is a sparkling story full of intrigue, interesting characters and even a dog that talks!  The old-fashioned Jack Frost provides all the frost for the holiday season but the greedy Evelina Muggleworth wants to steal Jack’s formula.

Spring of 2020:   A Date with Fate, by local playwright Laura Cunningham was adapted into a radio play in March of 2020. Theater and Communications worked together to make this possible and it is still on the website on The Hive. It is a delightful comedy about internet dating. Radio plays are unique and special and the show is 38 minutes long.  Directions to access it on the “Communications” page are below.

Zoom view of Midsummer Nights Dream Scene in Production of Shakespeare Bits & Pieces

Shakespeare Bits & Pieces: Words of the Bard of Avon


A Radio Production of A Date With Fate by Laura Cunningham

A Date with Fate – Radio Play

On the Hive, select the “menu” in the bottom left.
Select the “microphone” icon and you will see the radio play listed and select it!


Zoom screen shot of "Yours Truly Jack Frost"
Yours Truly, Jack Frost link will be made available the week before the Holiday.

Submitted by: Katherine Bacon

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