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Campus Employees,

Good afternoon. We would like to announce that the new AIMS parking system is up and running. Please take a few moments to register your vehicle on-line through your MyCollege quick launch pad, select forms, select automobile registration. Through Banner, select the Employee tab, and then select vehicle registration. Parking tags will be delivered to your mailstop. Please use your current tag until your new one is delivered.

If you are a Retired/Emeritus employee, you will still have to fill out the paper registration form in order to receive your hang-tag.

If you have any questions, please contact Public Safety at +1 (607)778-5083. Please keep in mind that this is still a fairly new system.

Registration will close on 8/7/22.

As a reminder, Employee parking is now open lots. There are no longer assigned lots. Student parking will remain the same. Student parking registration will be open in the near future.

Submitted by: Public Safety