A view of the campus walkway

Attention all employees:

The Employee Information Handbook is an annual publication that has been developed to fulfill the required state and federal obligations.  These legal mandates stipulate that employees have a right to information about campus safety, campus policies, procedures and services regarding health, safety and overall operations.

All information should be read annually by every employee:

  • Nepotism Policy
  • Sexual Harassment Response & Prevention Policy/Title IX
  • Work-Related Injury
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Procedure
  • Smoke-Free Facility
  • Information Technology Services
  • Children on Campus
  • Civility Statement

Enclosed please find the updated Employee Information Handbook.  It is also available online when you log into MyCollege, click on the “Employee” tab, scroll to “Human Resources Documents” (on the left), then “Forms and Documents,” Employee Handbook.

If you have trouble accessing this document, please contact Paige Sedlacek, Human Resources Specialist at Extension 5319.