Destiny Bonaparte

Destiny Bonaparte

When you hear that ring and “SUNY Broome” pops up on your caller ID, make sure you answer: It could be Destiny calling.

Destiny Bonaparte, that is. The second-year Human Services major is one of the Broome Community College Foundation’s stalwart Phone-A-Thon callers, helping raise money for scholarships that benefit SUNY Broome students.

She and her colleagues will have a super-long day on Nov. 27 for SUNY Broome’s annual 24 Hours of Giving — #Broome24 for short.

A native of the Bronx, Destiny learned about the college from her sister, an alumna. She decided to go away for college, and SUNY Broome proved to be the best fit. “I didn’t want to travel too far, and I wanted a small school,” she said.

Graduating in May, she is solidifying her transfer plans, although she expects they will lead her back to the Big Apple. Her ultimate goal is to become a social worker.

Destiny Bonaparte

Destiny Bonaparte

“I’m glad I came here. It’s a really good school,” she said of her time at SUNY Broome. “They have the Writing Center, the Math Lab – there is a lot of help. There are a lot of resources; you just have to utilize them.”

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Her desire to help others – the same that inspires her professional aspirations — led her to the Phone-A-Thon, which proved to be the ideal campus job. Interestingly, she isn’t a scholarship recipient herself – she probably should have applied, she admitted – but she sees the impact on her peers.

“There are a lot of students who are struggling,” she said.

While the Phone-A-Thon is meaningful and even fun, those first few calls were tough. Callers work off a script, and Destiny made sure to practice before she picked up the line.

“During my first call, I was so nervous! I was stuttering. I was shaking,” she remembered. “Over time, it gets better.”

When you hear Destiny calling on Nov. 27, make sure to pick up – and donate to #Broome24! Even better, you can call her and her dedicated Phone-A-Thon peers at (607) 778-5182 during #Broome24, or donate at any time – even now! – at

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