Dr. Bruce Monger

Convocation Speaker, Dr. Bruce Monger

The campus-wide Convocation Committee is pleased to announce that Dr. Bruce Monger, Cornell University scientist who teaches Cornell’s most popular course which happens to be on oceanography. Dr. Monger has been featured by the New York Times, due to his unique and successful teaching methods. He is currently at work on a NASA-sponsored research project and his research interests include rising carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere. He is passionately interested in the future of the environment and transmits that passion to his students at Cornell University.

Convocation 2021 will focus on the vital theme of climate change and how it will likely impact human destiny. We hope that Dr. Monger will inspire students and faculty alike to discuss the implications of climate change and how to address them. Please note that Tuesday April 20, 2021 is Convocation Day on which no day or evening classes will be held and all Convocation Day events will be held via Zoom.

More on Dr. Bruce Monger

Described by the New York Times as “charismatic”, Dr. Monger fills a one thousand seat venue at Cornell University as his course on oceanography has become the most popular on this Ivy League campus.
Our speaker has lead an adventurous life, whether motorcycling around the country, working as a logger or enjoying a tenure at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. He started his academic career at a community college himself, so he knows the importance of launching your own great life adventure and career right here at SUNY Broome Community College.

Campus-Wide Convocation Day Committee Members

Professor I.J. Byrnes (Chair)
Dr. Virginia Shirley, Liberal Arts Division
Dr. Victor Lamoureux, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Division
Associate Librarian, Dr. Amanda Hollister, Library
Professor Gian Roma, Business and Professional Studies Division
Professor Carla Michalak, Liberal Arts Division