Dr. Severine Autesserre

Convocation Speaker, Dr. Severine Autesserre

The campus-wide Convocation Committee is pleased to announce our 2022 Convocation Day keynote speaker, Dr. Severine Autesserre, Professor of Political Science at Barnard College, Columbia University. Dr. Autesserre is an award-winning author, peace builder and researcher who has authored multiple books about international conflicts and who has published numerous articles in Foreign Affairs, International Organization and the New York Times. Dr. Autesserre’s recent books include: The Frontlines of Peace: An Insider’s Guide to Changing the World; The Trouble with the Congo; and Peaceland.

Convocation 2022 will focus on the vital theme of political conflict and how it will likely impact human destiny. We hope that Dr. Autesserre will inspire students and faculty alike to discuss the implications of global and national conflict resolution and how to peacebuild right here in the U.S. Please note that Tuesday April 12, 2022 is Convocation Day on which no day or evening classes will be held and all Convocation Day events will be held live on the SUNY Broome campus.

More on Dr. Severine Autesserre

Dr. Autesserre’s research focuses on civil and international wars, international military interventions, and African politics. Dr. Autesserre’s main research site is Democratic Republic of the Congo and additional research sites she covers include: Burundi, Cyprus, Columbia, Israel-Palestine, Northern Ireland, South Sudan, Timor-Leste, Somaliland.

Dr. Autesserre teaches both undergraduate and graduate classes on international relations and African politics. Dr. Autesserre is affiliated with the Columbia University Saltzman Institute for War and Peace Studies, Columbia University Institute for African Studies, Columbia University Institute for the Study of Human Rights, and Barnard College Africana Studies Program.

In 2021, Dr. Autesserre was honored with an award for teaching excellence, the only student nominated and student-selected teaching award at her campus.

Our speaker has led a very adventurous and even dangerous life, whether engaged in peacebuilding in war zones or serving as an administrator internationally with Doctors Without Borders. Dr. Autesserre is fully committed to changing the world and will inspire SUNY Broome students to do the same.

Special Note: Information about the Convocation website and the Convocation Institute for Teaching Faculty as well as the Convocation Faculty Scholars Program will be coming out shortly.

Campus-Wide Convocation Day Committee Members

Professor I.J. Byrnes (Chair)
Dr. Virginia Shirley, Liberal Arts Division
Dr. Robert Congdon, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Division
Librarian, Dr. Amanda Hollister, Library
Professor Gian Roma, Business and Professional Studies Division
Professor Carla Michalak, Liberal Arts Division
Devin Audette, Student Assembly

Submitted by: Irene Byrnes