Convocation Day

Convocation 2022 is a Success!

Thanks to our 37 Convocation Faculty Scholars from our teaching faculty, and the active involvement of live and remote student attendees, Convocation Day 2022 was a smash!

Our Convocation Faculty Scholars provided students with scholarly activities and projects around the themes of Convocation Day which included the research of cognitive science around the cognitive illusions of attention, memory, confidence, and knowledge.

Dr. Severine Autesserre our Convocation speaker, gave an inspiring speech about the vital importance of global peace-building that earned her sustained attention from the largest campus audience of the year, both live and on Zoom, in the Baldwin Gym. Many students and faculty attended the 3 afternoon workshops, both live and on Zoom, offered by our teaching faculty and the documentary film screening and discussion led by teaching faculty members.

Both live and remote attendees listened as Dr. Autesserre provided insight into the current global efforts at peace-keeping and why they need to be restructured. Over 183 live and remote attendees stayed for the lively Q and A session which featured discussions regarding the on-going crisis in Ukraine as well as other global hot-spots. International participants from the COIL program were among the remote attendees who were able to participate in posing questions to Dr. Autesserre.

Many participants enjoyed the morning and afternoon musical performances of our student musicians, The Buzz Tones, an acapella group. Student attendees at all of the day’s events were eligible for prizes.

The three afternoon workshops on local peace activism, the status of refugees and the ongoing war in Ukraine, drew both live audiences and large Zoom audiences.

The afternoon documentary film screening, A Journey of a Thousand Miles: Peacekeepers, focused on the lived experiences of women peacekeepers from a Bangladeshi police unit serving in Haiti after a devastating earthquake. Attendees stayed on for a thought-provoking discussion that included reflections on the campus’ own Health for Haiti program.

Many thanks to the SUNY Broome campus community for their participation in Convocation Day activities and for showing interest in the important global issues that were the focus of today’s gathering, the single largest student academic event held annually on campus.

Campus-Wide Convocation Day Committee Members

  • Professor Irene Byrnes (Chair)
  • Dr. Robert Congdon, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Division
  • Librarian Dr. Amanda Hollister, Library
  • Professor Gian Roma, Business and Public Services Division
  • Professor Carla Michalak, Liberal Arts Division
  • Dr. Virginia Shirley, Liberal Arts Division

Submitted by: Irene Byrnes