Nathan's Pinecone image

Each of us has his or her reasons, for making this journey, for being as we are, for continuing with the lives we leas; ordinary lives, of course, but touched here and there with moments of understanding and insight, and sheer marvel.” — Alexander McCall Smith

Nathan Smales

We would like to congratulate Nathan Smales for his winning entry in the “A Moment in the Life” Photography Contest.

In Nathan’s own words:
My name is Nathan Smales and I am a SUNY Broome senior in the Physical Therapist Assistant Program. When I am not studying for the PTA licensing exam, I enjoy making fruit-infused kombucha and building online adoption profiles for waiting children in India. My mom has always loved pine cones and I like how they can metaphorically represent people in the sense that as we grow and mature, we eventually open up and are able to leave our family (the tree) and begin to grow into a new, individual tree, tall and strong.