Open Educational Resources: No Textbook Cost

The use of Open Educational Resources at SUNY Broome continues to grow. Professors Alison Sheridan-Brennan, Daniel Brennan, and Frank Norton are the latest recipients of OER Adoption Awards. SUNY Broome has offered a total of 86 OER sections so far this academic year. Open Educational Resources help make college more accessible by lowering the cost barrier. Here is some of what the award recipients had to say about using OER in their courses:

Initially, I was anxious about moving away from a traditional textbook. Thankfully, the feedback from students on the OER materials has been very positive so far.” Daniel Brennan

I am committed to providing our students free, high quality material … Our students have enough on their plate and shouldn’t have to worry about purchasing materials for a course with such excellent OER resources available.” Alison Sheridan-Brennan

I know that many of our students struggle with making ends meet along with their college expenses. A good number of my students work full time or have 2 part-time jobs to be able to pay the bills. I am glad that there is a very suitable (textbook) option to be able to help them a bit financially.” Frank Norton

Are you planning on using Open Educational Resources in your course? You may be eligible for an OER Adoption Award. Are you curious about OER or the SUNY Broome OER Grant Program? If so, you are encouraged to contact OER Program Lead Paul Bond at

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Submitted by: Paul Bond