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SUNY Broome has a dedicated group of staff and faculty that are available to assist students in distress. This multi-disciplinary team reviews the information about the student in distress and takes appropriate action to best ensure the student’s well-being, the community’s safety, and the student’s success here at SUNY Broome. If you, or someone you know, is in crisis please notify the Student of Concern committee by contacting the Dean of Students.

Reportable incidents include sexual misconduct, student conduct violations, as well as other types of student crises.

The new Dean of Students site includes an updated flowchart for the reporting process, updated Title IX information, as well as a Campus Climate Survey.

For more information or to report an incident, you may go to the Dean of Students web page at

You may also use the following links to report incidents:

Student of Concern Reporting Form:

Report of Misconduct Incident Reporting Form:

Title IX Violation (Sexual Misconduct or Interpersonal Violence) Reporting Form:

The Dean of Students can be contacted directly at:

Office of the Dean of Students
SUNY Broome Community College
Division of Student and Economic Development
Location: Old Science Building, Room 224
Phone: (607) 778-5681