Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope

The President’s Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion invites YOU to share the reasons you celebrate Women’s History Month. What does Women’s History Month mean to you? The theme for 2022 is Hope and Healing. Are their women who have given you hope and healing that you’d like to recognize?

Post a pic and a statement to your Twitter or Instagram account with the #SUNYBroomeWHM tag and we’ll share as many as we can on the SUNY Broome Women’s History Month web page sunybroome.edu/womenshistory

You can also find announcements for all of the SUNY Broome Women’s History Month events throughout February by checking this page regularly.

Whether it’s a celebration, inspiration, or time for reflection, we’d like to know what Women’s History Month means to you!

Submitted by: Sandra Wright

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