amandaBy Amanda Tersigni

If you’re determined to accomplish a goal and not afraid to take a chance, then SUNY Broome is the place for you. By coming to SUNY Broome with an open mind, there are opportunities around every corner, along with a promising future of experience and education. Seeing this, I knew that SUNY Broome was the place for me without any hesitation.

There is no doubt that I was drawn to SUNY Broome originally because of the exceptional soccer program, which was introduced to me after a soccer trip I took with the coach here. However, to say that I came here for soccer wouldn’t be true; looking back on the time I spent here, soccer was one of the hundreds of reasons why SUNY Broome felt like a home to me. One tour was all it took to see the small but beautiful campus, along with the variety of majors to choose from and the new and welcoming residence hall.

amanda2After getting home that night, I considered all of my options. I didn’t feel pressured to decide right at that moment where I would attend school in the fall, but I had this ball of excitement in my stomach when I thought about returning to SUNY Broome. It was then I knew that I would attend SUNY Broome and pursue higher education. Of course, there were times that I was afraid to leave my family and move an hour away from them, but I was able to see the potential to create lifelong relationships and share different experiences that would help me find who I wanted to be.

I didn’t have a major in mind when I first came to school, but thanks to the fantastic academic advising I received, I knew by the second week what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Perhaps I got lucky, but SUNY Broome’s academic advising helped me see my strengths and weaknesses, view all of my options and then enroll in the program I finally chose. My academic adviser also helped me organize my credits to graduate in three semesters when it normally would have taken four, if not five, semesters.

In conclusion, stay here at SUNY Broome didn’t just give me the opportunity to win a national soccer championship, the experience of working as a Resident Assistant or a diploma; it also left me with a second home that I will always hold close to my heart.

Amanda Tersigni of Edmeston, New York, is a paralegal major and a resident assistant in the Student Village. After graduation, she plans to move to south Florida and begin her career.