As Natalie left high school, like many students, she was concerned about the cost of college. But thanks to the generosity of donors, she received a helping hand: a scholarship that offset the cost of college tuition and fees.

During her subsequent semesters at SUNY Broome, she earned a few more scholarships, which allowed her to continue her pursuit of academic excellence.

“The scholarships I have received have put me on track for starting my college education debt-free. They have also given me the freedom to focus more of my time and energy on my classes,” she said.

Natalie has big dreams — she’s planning to transfer on to eventually get her master’s degree in speech-language pathology — but is enjoying her time at SUNY Broome. “The professors I have, genuinely care about my success not just in class, but in life,” Natalie said.

Sukanya, an Engineering Science major, future prosthetic engineer and a scholarship recipient, agrees with Natalie’s assessment of the college. 

“I have met so many wonderful professors and other students in engineering,” she said, pointing out that she has grown both academically and personally during her time at SUNY Broome. 

Natalie at a scholarship reception
At a scholarship event, Natalie had a chance to meet Ken Kidder III who supported her scholarship.

Hannah, a future Dental Hygienist, believes that “SUNY Broome is certainly one of the best colleges to get my education.” Originally, when she considered a career change and returning to college, she was concerned about “adding on to pre-existing college debt… [So] when I received a scholarship in the Spring of 2019, it meant a great deal to me. The effort I put into SUNY Broome’s dental hygiene classes was recognized…that proved to me that my decision to change careers was the right one.”

Hannah, in a lab coat, stands in a Dental Hygiene lab.
Hannah – student and future Dental Hygienist
Daniel sits outside the Business Building on campus.
Daniel – Business Administration student and future prosecuting attorney
Natalie smiles as she stands outside Titchener Hall.
Natalie – Liberal Arts student and future speech-language pathologist
Sukanya poses in the Clean Energy Sandbox room in the Calice Advanced Manufacturing Center.
Sukanya – Engineering Science student and future prosthetic engineer

While a student’s dedication and hard work propel them forward, the generous financial support of donors plays a critical role in preventing them from being bogged down in too much debt or having to postpone their education.

“I think supporting Broome is important,” said Daniel, a Business Administration student. He noted that donors give “opportunity, ability, and hope to students that may not have those things…[enabling] college students to succeed!”

Sukanya and a donor at the 2019 Scholarship Reception.
Sukanya and Roger Calice, an alumni who supports her, at the scholarship reception.

When donors make a gift to the BCC Foundation, they are making a statement that education matters, that SUNY Broome’s students matter, and that they want to help put an exceptional college education within reach of anyone who is held back by financial concerns. Because of their generosity, students like Natalie, Sukanya, Daniel and Hannah can attend classes, plan their careers and face the future without being overwhelmed by financial burdens.

And that makes a huge difference.

You can help the college’s students succeed by making a gift of any amount at or by calling the BCC Foundation at (607) 778-5182.