Through most of SUNY Broome’s history, private donations have made a significant impact on our students. Donors not only create financial support for students in need but, in the case of scholarship recipients, they create an emotional boost as students realize that someone cared enough to invest in their dreams and future.

In light of the college’s largest day of fundraising, the upcoming 7th Annual 24 Hours of Giving on Nov. 30, we are pleased to share some stories of students and the difference a scholarship has made.


Abbey wears a SUNY Broome Soccer jacket and holds up a sign that reads "Thank You."

Abbey is a nursing major and plays on the SUNY Broome Women’s Soccer team. All of her three older siblings are Broome graduates.

She told her donors, “My parents have already helped put three other kids through college. This scholarship will greatly help with my expenses. I deeply appreciate your generosity.”

Melina gives a thumbs up as she holds a sign with a hand-drawn Stinger and the words "Thank you".

Melina loves soccer, the great outdoors, and animals. She is a SUNY Broome and Binghamton Advantage Program student and is studying the biological sciences.

She said, “Thank you for this gracious gift and for supporting my dreams of becoming a veterinarian.”

Tatsenyo holds a sign that reads "Thank you, SUNY Broome!".

Tatsenyo, a civil engineering student, hopes to become an architect in the future.

“I hope one day that I will also be able to help struggling students reach their goals in higher education by assisting them in the same way you are helping me,” He wrote to his donors.

Timothy smiles and holds up a thank you sign.

Timothy, a father and grandfather, enrolled at SUNY Broome after his employer downsized. He is now looking forward to graduating from the nursing program one day.

He said, “I strongly believe [nursing is] where I am meant to go. I just hope I am worthy to take on this important role. Thank you for this honor.”

Cheuk Yee grins with her Thank You sign.

Cheuk Yee began her college education last year during the pandemic. The business administration major would like to work for the United Nations in the future and to do her part to promote peace and equality.

She noted, “I am the first person in my family to attend college. Being the first generation to attend college is tough, but I have never given up. This scholarship will motivate me to keep working hard in the future.”

The BCC Foundation is grateful for the efforts of the 2021 scholarship recipients to share their stories, talk about how scholarships helped them, and thank their donors. You can find the complete list of 2021 scholarship recipients here.

If you would like to join in lessening the financial burden of SUNY Broome students, make sure to participate in 24 Hours of Giving on Nov. 30. Follow the excitement on social media, track our progress on our website, and make a gift of any amount and help to turn college dreams into reality.

If you would like to establish a scholarship to benefit our students, please contact Lisa Schappert at 607-778-5179 or