By Elisabeth Costanzo Stewart

As Black History Month comes to a close, SUNY Broome’s Student Development Division is pleased to announce that the cultural and historical celebration can continue all year long, thanks to the return of one of the College’s most beloved student organizations.  After a brief hiatus during the Covid-19 pandemic, SUNY Broome’s Black Student Union has been reestablished and is actively looking for more involvement from the student body. 

Black Student Union’s date back to the mid-1960’s, when committees of students of color began meeting on college campuses across the nation. For over fifty plus years, BSU’s have served as safe spaces that are open to all students who wish to engage in activities such as promoting inclusivity, student activism, exploring cultural similarities and differences, and community service. 

Director of Student Activities, Dr. Nick Wagner, was concerned about the dwindling presence of SUNY Broome’s once very vibrant Black Student Union. In search of support, Wagner approached the Community Director of the Student Village, Kalis J. Nunes Jr.

“I was honored when Dr. Wagner asked me to help revamp the Black Student Union. The pandemic really took a toll on student engagement across the board, but especially on social organizations like BSU. Nick and I wanted to make sure that SUNY Broome will always have an active Black Student Union, but rebuilding the organization had to start from the ground up,” shared Nunes Jr. 

Nunes hosted a BSU interest meeting on February 1st and was pleasantly surprised by the initial turnout. Through that meeting, the group was able to identify two student leaders for the positions of BSU President (Princess Owens) and BSU Event Coordinator (MoAsiah Cromartie.) Regular BSU meetings are now being scheduled to take place throughout the duration of the spring semester. Nunes has a simple goal for the group. He hopes that each meeting will attract new members who are excited to promote unity, develop leadership skills, and contribute to the diversity and inclusivity of the campus community. 

“SUNY Broome’s Black Student Union is open to all students and we welcome anyone interested to join us for our next meeting. Details on date/time/location can be found on the Swarm.” 

Students gather for a BSU interest meeting.
Photo Credit: Sara Forbes

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