SUNY Broome Business Information Technology: Introduction - Denise Wells, Associate Professor

The Business Information Technology department is reaching out to a community in need by offering a variety of workshops and seminars on information technology skills for the COVID-19 era and beyond.

Denise Wells will offer a variety of workshops for the Tioga County Chamber of Commerce this spring, focusing on tools and techniques for a digital presence. During times of social distancing, social media savvy becomes essential for small business marketing and engagement. Professor Well’s first workshop teaches the use of Canva, a graphic design tool that allows users to quickly create attractive and engaging social media posts. She will also cover the use of a popular blogging tool, Blogger, as another easy to use tool for sharing information and expertise with customers.

Kelly L Haynes, Chamber board member, Genesee Valley Insurance Agency, explains the importance of this collaboration for the Tioga Chamber members, “Being a member of a rural chamber we see how many business owners do not have knowledge of the basics of the internet or technology. Some do not even have an email, much less a website or a Facebook page to help customers find them. The basics of setting up a Facebook page, claiming your Google My Business, knowing how to put a post on social media or start an ecommerce site are all things that can make or break these businesses. We all recognize that our ways of doing business may never be the same but not everyone is capable of pivoting without the proper knowledge of how to do so. I could not be more grateful for having the opportunity to work with SUNY Broome’s BIT Department. They have been so ready to jump in and assist in any way possible, to be sure we are giving all these businesses the knowledge and tools they need to pivot and survive.”

A similar workshop is being offered by Professor Wells through Unmudl in February entitled Quick and Easy Online Business Presence. In this workshop Professor Wells will also cover topics such as boosting a post in social media, and other tips for maximizing your online presence.

The Business Information Technology department is offering additional courses through Unmudl this spring: Advanced Microsoft Excel Clinic (Professor Mark Ryan), SEHRA A Homegrown EHR for Healthcare Instruction (Professor Wright), and Preparing for a Career in Web Development (Ryan, Wells, and Wright). Through Unmudl, a national marketing tool for continuing education courses, the BIT department hopes to offer critical skills training to a much broader audience.

Beyond workshops, the BIT department offers traditional credit bearing courses in social media, website development, spreadsheets, and healthcare analytics. Our courses can be taken as a single skill building experience or applied toward a variety of certificates and degrees. Let us know what you’re interested in learning at SUNY Broome Business Information Technology.

SUNY Broome: Canva and Blogging Workshop Tioga Chamber January 2021 (Business Information Technology)

Submitted by: Sandra Wright