Art 226 / COM 226

Professor Rich Harrington will be teaching a section of ART 226: Advanced Computer Imagery for the Spring ’21 semester. This three credit online course is a logical and important follow-up to ART 125: Introduction to Computer Graphics as students implement the knowledge and tools developed in this introductory course.

Students will be using Adobe CC including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign (licensed through BCC) to create advertising and promotional materials within the context of a comprehensive branding program.

Harrington has worked for Jim Hensen’s General Manager at Yoe! Design, Peekskill, Arnold Advertising, Hill Holiday Connors Cosmopulos, both in Boston and the partners of Pentagram Design, London. He takes his students through the rigorous process of brand development and implementation in the context of local businesses.

Students who have taken ART 226 have successfully sold their brand design to local businesses who have enthusiastically implemented a total rebranding of their businesses. It’s an exciting opportunity for students to learn the process of working with clients, setting up a freelance business, procuring projects and billing.

The course is cross-listed with Communications as COM226.

Submitted by: Rich Harrington

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