Mia Hause and Dean of Students Scott Schuhert
Mia Hause and Dean of Students Scott Schuhert

In front of a sheet’s gentle drape, a sad clown plays on a saxophone while a scarlet snow globe blares “Don’t mess with Texas!” A rainbow bear and a brown ceramic mug fill out the scene.

The “four possessions” assignment was among Mia Hause’s favorites, and it hangs in the pop-up gallery on the second floor of the Old Science Building. The piece caught the eye of Dean of Students Scott Schuhert, who named Mia the first Dean of Students Art Scholar.

“To choose just one Art Scholar was a difficult task, but Mia’s projects regularly caused me to pause and appreciate just how well done they were. I could not be happier for her, and the entire cohort of students working with our amazing art faculty,” Dr. Schuhert said.

Each object in the scene has a personal meaning to Mia, who is graduating with a degree in Visual Communication Arts this May. The Beanie Baby belonged to her grandmother and the mug was a gift from her boyfriend, she explained.

Art has always formed a core part of Mia’s life, and she has found a particular passion for oil painting.

“I’ve been doing art as long as I can remember,” she said. “I have always loved to draw. I have sketchbooks from my childhood.”

Mia transferred to SUNY Broome from Binghamton University, after the art program there didn’t meet her needs. After taking an illustration class with Professor David Zeggert, she was inspired to transfer – and was glad she did.

“I think it’s a really friendly environment here and the art program is fulfilling. It’s what I wanted,” she said.

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She is currently applying to transfer schools. Her ultimate dream? To follow her professors’ path and teach painting at the college level.

Who will the next Dean of Students Art Scholar be? You might want to drop by the pop-up gallery for some inspiration – just like Dr. Schuhert.

“I look forward to seeing what next semester’s students are able to do as they have some big shoes to fill, following Mia,” he said.

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