Cast Of A Date With Fate Radio Play

Long ago and far away, well really only about two months ago, when our world changed, SUNY Broome Theater was forced to alter its plans from performing a live theater show. Our play “A Date with Fate” by local author Laura Cunningham is, ironically, all about internet/online dating! With COVID 19 burgeoning at that time we decided the only alternative was to hopefully present it as a radio play.

Well now the newly named Department of Music and Theater Arts and the Communications Department are happy to announce that there will indeed be a radio play of our production! We have been working on this exciting interdisciplinary activity and will be pulling it all together to broadcast on “The Hive” sometime in early June.

The limitations this 2020 pandemic caused also created this exciting opportunity. The actors have had to work from home and learn a whole new set of skills with a method of delivery totally new to them. Our terrific IT Department helped to provide the equipment we needed. The Communications Department, and especially Adjunct Professor Ed Evans and his team, provided the technical savvy to help make this happen. The challenges included dogs barking, bandwidth failing, storms interfering with reception . . . all were a part of our project and, of course, reflect the ups and downs the whole world is experiencing during this time.

“A Date with Fate” was originally written by Ms. Cunningham in 2009 especially for our students and now she has revamped it for us. Pictured are some rehearsal photos taken before the world changed, yes only two months ago, and a photo of the actors working virtually. The actors pictured in the computer photo are left to right bottom row, Gwendolyne Gadzley, Nicholas Hernandez, James Bidlack, and top left Almin Sisic, Miranda Hawkins and Andrew Gates.

Rehearsal Photo Scene One
Rehearsal Photo Scene Three