In honor of SUNY Broome’s 75th anniversary, we have created the “75 Questions” series. “75 Questions” is a SUNY Broome spin on Vogue’s famously popular “73 Questions” videos. While, (sadly) we won’t be interviewing celebrities like Zac Efron, Emma Stone, or Lizzo, we will be interviewing some of the amazing people that make up our campus community.

Our next interviewees are the Communications and Media Arts Department featuring:

  • Timothy Skinner, Associate Professor/Chairperson/Coordinator of Communications and Media Arts/Faculty Association Vice President
  • Eddie Fabrizio, Communications and Media Arts Student
  • Trinity Whitmore, Communications and Media Arts Student
  • Christopher Keaty, Full Time Adjunct Instructor for Communications and Media Arts


Key Takeaways


Submitted by: The 75th Anniversary Planning Committee