SUNY Broome Title IX

Climate assessments afford institutions the opportunity to better understand their campus and to make informed decisions when it comes to providing a safe educational environment. Beginning with the 2016-2017 academic year, SUNY Broome will bi-annually conduct a uniform climate survey that ascertains student experience with, and knowledge of, reporting and college adjudicatory processes for sexual harassment, including sexual violence, and other related crimes.

The survey addresses to what extent students and employees of SUNY Broome Community College are knowledgeable about:

  • The Title IX Coordinator’s role;
  • Campus policies and procedures addressing sexual assault;
  • How and where to report sexual violence as a victim/survivor or witness;
  • The availability of resources on and off campus, such as counseling, health, and academic assistance;
  • The prevalence of victimization and perpetration of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking on and off campus during a set time period (for example, the last two years);
  • Bystander attitudes and behavior;
  • Whether victims/survivors reported to the College and/or Office of Public Safety, and reasons why they did or did not report;
  • The general awareness of the difference, if any, between the institution’s policies and the penal law;
  • The general awareness of the definition of affirmative consent.

Steps have been, and will continue to be, taken to ensure that all answers remain anonymous and that no individual is identified.

This report discusses sexual assault and other forms of sexual misconduct and relationship violence. Some of the questions in the survey, and some sections of this report, use explicit language including anatomical names of body parts and descriptions of sexual acts. Reading this report might remind you of experiences that you or someone close to you has gone through. If you would like to talk to someone confidentially about questions or concerns relating to sexual assault or other prohibited sexual conduct, please contact one of the following resources:

*Warning verbiage language taken from Stanford University

SUNY Broome Community College
2023 Campus Climate Survey Results

Consistent with policies of The State University of New York, SUNY Broome Community College participated in the Biennial SUNY Uniform Campus Climate Survey in the Spring of 2023. The survey gathered information about student and employee experience with sexual and interpersonal violence and knowledge of policies and resources.

The survey was sent to 2,946 students and 366 employees. Of these, 267 students and 109 employees responded to the survey, for response rates of 20% and 29.8%, respectively.
Seventy-five (75%) of students reported they knew the definition of Affirmative Consent; 31% reported they knew how to report a sexual assault, and 19% reported they knew how to contact the Title IX Coordinator at the college.

Ninety percent (90%) of employees reported they knew how to report a sexual assault, 96% were aware of campus policies and procedures specifically addressing sexual assault, 89% reported they knew how to contact the Title IX Coordinator, and 93% knew the definition of Affirmative Consent.

In the survey, reporting on incidents that have occurred during the last year, 24% (44 of students) reported they were subject to unwanted sexual comments, sexual slurs, or demeaning jokes; 4% (7 students) reported that someone viewed their sexual activity or nakedness or took explicit pictures or recordings without consent; and 20% (37 students) reported they experienced unwanted sexually suggestive digital communications. Of these types of sexual harassment, 29% of students who identify as a woman reported unwanted sexual comments and 22% reported unwanted sexually suggestive digital communications. No responses were reported from students who identify as a man or as gender non-binary. Sixteen percent (29 students) reported some type of sexual assault, including unwanted physical touching or removing clothing without consent, during the last year.

SUNY Broome Community College, working with constituents across campus, including students, faculty, and staff, will use the data from the Climate Survey to improve response to violence, enhance training programs, and ensure the safety of our campus community. The college will administer the survey again in the 2025 Spring semester. To see more information about the Climate Survey please go to

Submitted by: Marie Finelli – Interim Title IX Coordinator