Who should we welcome? March 24 community deliberation to discuss immigration

Community Deliberation on Immigration imageJoin us from 9 a.m. to noon March 24, 2018, at Binghamton High School for a community deliberation on immigration, sponsored by the SUNY Broome Center for Civic Engagement.

All members of the community are invited to weigh in on questions such as:

  • Should we reduce the number of immigrants legally admitted into the United States each year? If so, how do we decide who should be accepted?
  • How should we handle undocumented immigrants in a way that is humane, but also fair to the millions who are waiting to enter legally?
  • Does the current flow of newcomers compromise our sense of national unity or instead build on a rich history of diversity?
  • Does the United States have a humanitarian responsibility to take in refugees whose lives are in danger? How many can we realistically accommodate?

This conversation has been framed by the National Issues Forum Institute. Please pre-register for this event by emailing strahleyla@sunybroome.edu.